• Felus Makrey

    Felus Makrey

    Commander Makrey is a large man with a huge grizzled head. His black wiry hair and smallish eyes give him an almost comical appearance.
  • Kovar I

    Kovar I

    Current King of Throal, of a relatively minor family
  • Larrodd Brokenbeard

    Larrodd Brokenbeard

    A Dwarf with ebony skin, green eyes, and coppery hair and beard
  • Lopto Burnedbelly

    Lopto Burnedbelly

    Touchstone Burnedbelly is a rail thin ork with a greying scraggle of a beard and thick brown hair. His piercing orange eyes never settle.
  • Niklaus Ka'nakar

    Niklaus Ka'nakar

    Jolly rotund, well mannered Human, light of color