Rahkishi "Pup"

Green skinned, black of hair and eye, a certainly quality follows her. First glance... dirty orc, second glance, what is there about her?... third glance might be your last if you look too hard.


Ork Calvaryman

DEX (15) 6 STR (14) 6 TOU (14) 6
PER (15)6 WIL (8) 4 CHA (14) 6
Initiative: 5 Physical Defense: 9
Physical Armor: 5 Mystical Defense: 9
Mystical Armor: 1 Social Defense: 8
Uncon. Rating: 35 Recovery: 3
Death Rating: 41 Knockdown: X
Wound Threshold: 9 Movement: 12 yrds
Animal bond: 1 (7) Avoid blow: 1 (7) Charge: X1 (7)
Melee weapons: 2 (8) Rider weaving: 1 (7) Trick riding: 1 (7)
Sure mount: 1 (7)
Animal training: 3 (9) Braiding: 1 (x) Battle shout: 2 (8)
R/W Throalic: x/x Knowledge- horrors: 2(xx) Speak Throalic/Orcish 8/8
Swift kick: 3 (9)

MENTOR: Thad Whitelock (M/Ork)

Raised the heir of the matriarchal clan Wolfpack. Rahkishi’s mother, the SheWolf of the clan, wed her father in order to form an alliance between their clans. The SheWolf was a harsh and violent mother raising her daughter to lead the clan after her, however, her father was more of an artist at heart so that harshness was tempered by his gentle soul.

During the war a mixed group of young men and women rode through on their way to join. Longing to see the world that her father (from a trading traveling clan) spoke of, she desperately wanted to join them. Her mother forbid it, but her father encouraged her and in the dark of the night helped her to make a quiet get-away to join the group. In order to help protect her from the wrath of her mother he sent her off with the clan’s heirloom torque known as Bogdub’s Voice, for without it, her mother could not name another heir.

Rahkishi served in the cavalry under one Thad Whitelock who saw her spark and brought her into her first talent circle.

Rahkishi "Pup"

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