Last year, King Kovar formed the Touchstone

Touchstone is an auxiliary force of Adepts who have pledged loyalty to the Throalic Crown.  It is a new force so many issues are in flux.  Right now, they report to a Commander of a military outpost, through his Touchstone.  This officer is always a loyal adept who served during the war.  It is also the only member of the Touchstone who is an active member of the kings army.  Most other members of the force are novice initiates, whose instructor was loyal and likely served in the war.  They are asked to devote 2 years to the force.  After this time, they may join as Overseers.  This will be an organization who is actually part of the military, and so earns a stipend, but will be under a military commander.  Currently only the Touchstone officers are members of the Overseers. 

The idea of this force is to have trained and loyal adepts if the need ever  arises again.   The only pay they receive is loot, but any loot the acquire while on a military assignment is subject to inspection.  Touchstone may be able to assist these young adepts with determining some of their loot value, but any coins are subject to a 1 in 20 tax for the crown.  The only loot item that must be turned over is Books of Tomorrow, but they are to be compensated for them at a price the Touchstone determines to be fair.  They are expected to contact their Touchstone at least 6 times a year, and if they are given an assignment, they are expected to carry it out as envoys of the crown.  Unfortunately, this is a new program, so how much authority they will actually wield is unknown.

Our newest heroes have recently arrived at the Vorst Outpost.  Each of them has been introduced to Post CommanderFelus Makrey as well as Touchstone Lopto Burnedbelly.  Each of their mentors has overseen their initiation, and having served in the war, have presented them to the Touchstone.  Less than a month before the Earthday celebrations, and they are summoned to a meeting of these two ranking members.

Service to the Stone

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