Service to the Stone

A two element Spirit?!

From the Private Journals of Larrodd Brokenbeard, 1st circle initiate


I have heard of such things, but never had I thought to encounter one! 

We had taken shelter from a storm, and within the small cave, we found indications that s very hot fire had been built in here.  Also, There were three chains that ran down into holes near the wall, as well as a small drain carved in the floor, that seemed to be draining the run through water into a cistern or well of some sort.

In typical orkish fashion, Rakishi grabbed one of the chains and jerked.  The need for action in her race is definite proof that their fire runs high…it also explains their short life span.  However, when she jerked the chain, a slab of some granite blocked the narrow entrance to our shelter!  Then she pulled all of them, and the antechamber was opened…

Beyond was a face.  The face of an ork with a dozen eyes…And it spoke to us, asking about the Yellow one…it was unclear in its explanation. so I began to study the pattern…It is well beyond my capability, and most of it is beyond my understanding, even.  But what I can tell amazes me.  It is a powerful spirit…and it has the essence of fire and earth.  Again, fire and earth are related elements, but I have no idea how one would summon a creature that melded them…  It was bound to this chamber by some sort of token.  I could identify it as a molten lump of iron, that had been bound inside the wall.  The elemental was not bound by me, and is well beyond my ability to bind, so I encouraged it  to aid me, so that I could free it from its bindings.  To free the binding, it needed to be exposed to water and air.  Unfortunately we did not have a wooden bucket to represent all the elements, but we made do with what we had, and drew water from the cistern.

I shattered the stone with my mace, exposing the molten heart, and the cold water was thrown on it, shattering it!  Stepping free of the face was a squat humanoid figure, who left ovals melted in the stone floor as it crossed, pausing a moment to stand where the hot fire had been.  It then fulfilled its agreement, removing the granite block, and then it stepped in the otherwhere that such spirits come from…leaving us to leave.  After gathering the chains, which seem to be fused with elemental earth!  And we lost the trail ofthe slavers.

But of all I have written and studied so far, nothing had truely perpared me or compred with the encounter of a dual natured elemental spirit!


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