Service to the Stone

Becoming a hero

From the Private Journals of Larrodd Brokenbeard, 1st circle initiate


A few moments rest.  I don't need it nearly as bad as the soldiers or Camron, that just marched the last day and through the night.  But a welcome respite from what has happened.

Kosheff, you would be proud, of me and Tianglef.  She brought me to the Touchstone and I have joined…and I am not expecting pay!  Perhaps not what I first thought of as being an adept, but, thanks to you and your companionship, I know better.

In the Ivystone, I am joined with a pair of calvarymen and a beastmaster.  Not a day after swearing on our honor, we are sent to check on bandit activity, perhaps slavers.  However, what we find is much worse.  The village has been slaughtered, and some of the villagers we though were horror touched.  What we found may be worse.  They were dead, but animated by some sort of parasite.  I will definitely need to do some research into it and see if it is something known. 

In this group, it is likely I will need to be the researcher.  I may not be a troubadour, or even a weaponsmith, but I am much more suited to it that the others.  Probably, anyway.  While i had thought the discipline of beastmaster to be a simpler choice, the choice of farmhands and animal tamers, Camron seems not to be either of these.  She does have secrets, I think.  In fighting the infected dead, she almost seemed to hide her attacks, which were devastating.  In fact one of those she put down was nearly disemboweled, but yet it stood back up and tried to escape, which was cut off by Rakishi a rather haughty ork.  Judani made a good standing of himself, but I feel he may wish to be a troubador.  So maybe others will also find use in the words of our ancestors.

In a matter of hours, we will go to build makeshift fortifications, incase the leaving of the slavers was a ruse.  This will allow more rest before we go after them, hopefully to free the villagers from the shackles of Theran slavery.  What I find puzzling is that they had nearly two dozen that appeared to be slaves, but only something like nine or eleven could reasonably be counted from Girand, the village we were sent to examine.



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