Service to the Stone

My First Trial

I knew becoming a Hero of Barsaive wouldn't be easy but I must say that after our first mission, I can't imagine things getting worse.  I'll assuredly spin the tale for evenings at the pub but truly, the horrors in this world are ghastly.  I would never have guessed our first assignment would have us encounter slavers and horrors that take over dead bodies. The sight of those poor souls being animated and operated like puppets.  The others tied with no idea what fate lays before them.  I only hope we all survive to tell the tales.  Where I to be questioned about it a week ago, in confidence, I would have explained that a small stretching of the truth would be needed to keep the crowds begging for more.  The truth of the matter is that I don't think I'll be able to share this adventure in whole.  I remember the vivid details and it will take all the will that I possess to maintain my sanity.  Advancing the family name won't be difficult providing I don't become enslaved or turned into a puppet.  Only time will tell.


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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