Service to the Stone

Ork and Folly


Driven by rain and found a cave

Nowhere to go, we enter brave

Sparse room found with 3 chains in ground

The patter of rain, the only sound


Pull on a chain, sealed in a room

full of ork and folly, have we met our doom

With nowhere to go, we search deeper

A stone face we found, Meet the door keeper


With much thought and forever in time

Our dwarf elementalist with plan sublime

Cracks deep in stone with his stout mace

To reach beyond that stone face


And there we see the jail of metal

It lies beyond, smaller than kettle

Trapped in our midst, earth and fire

Unable to flee, this caves lone crier


Deal had been struck, splashed with water

Mixed with air, the iron did shatter

A blast was made, blood was drawn

Earth and fire beast could walk on


It clawed the door made of thick stone

Rended deep as if there were bone

Our passage out granted by promise

Now hear it you, this tale by damis


MasterGameMaster lemastji

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