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  • My First Trial

    I knew becoming a Hero of Barsaive wouldn't be easy but I must say that after our first mission, I can't imagine things getting worse.  I'll assuredly spin the tale for evenings at the pub but truly, the horrors in this world …

  • Not how I wanted to start

    That did not go as I planned. I was not suppose to reveal anything Theran. Now I will have to

    answer questions that I don't want to talk about. I left that world behind me. I joined this group to seperate 

    myself from Thera …

  • A kaer in the badlands

    From the Private Journals of Larrodd Brokenbeard, 2nd circle initiate Once again, the quiet of the night brings me to write down a few thoughts about my journey. I have just been relieved from a quiet watch by Cameron. As one might expect, she …

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